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Online Learning is for Busy Professionals

Benefits of Online Courses:

  • Study at any time
  • Study anywhere
  • No travel time
  • No travel expenses
  • No work time missed
  • No time away from home

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT)

The ANT Certification Program is for the salon-based nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career.

The course is ten modules of information you’ll need to safely work with clients who have special health needs, such as those with diabetes or chronic health conditions.

It provides a pathway to a higher level of success by  setting you apart from the ordinary nail salons found everywhere with obvious differences and supportive marketing and networking techniques.

Footcare Nail Technician (FNT)

The FNT Certification Program takes the ANT to the next level, expanding your knowledge base for safe, aseptic services.

You will learn to recognize medical conditions which require referring your clients to medical practitioners such as podiatrists, diabetes specialists, wound care specialists and others.

This innovative program offers you a higher level of respect in the salon and in your community and  provides a pathway for entry into a new career.

Medical Nail Technician (MNT)

The NA MNT Certification Program takes the ANT on a new career track by providing you the knowledge needed to perform cosmetic services in a medical setting.

The MNT builds on the ANT foundation with in-depth learning about the chronic illnesses which affect the feet and provides examples of their treatment in medical practices.

The required 40-hour internship in a medical setting will give you hands-on insight into this exciting new career path.

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