Nailcare Academy Announces Collaboration with Belle

Belle is a technology platform that provides booking services matching up those who are seeking concierge nail care with Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certified nail techs. The ANT Program supports their mission to go to  homebound and other similar clients to provide healthful and safe services.

Belle has chosen NA to be their exclusive education provider for the advanced training nail technicians will need to work with their clients–especially for those with health consideration.

This collaboration will provide a unique opportunity for ANTs–once they are certified, they will be qualified to work for Belle as one of their providers. Currently enjoying high success in their first market in Middle Tennessee (Nashville area), Belle has hopes to expand into other regions.

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Online Learning is for Busy Professionals

Benefits of Online Courses:

  • Study at any time
  • Study anywhere
  • No travel time
  • No travel expenses
  • No work time missed
  • No time away from home

The ANT Certification Program is for the salon-based nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career.

The FNT Certification Program takes the ANT to the next level, expanding your knowledge base for safe, aseptic services.


The NA MNT Program takes the ANT on a new career track into providing cosmetic services in a medical setting.


Become a Certified Safe Salon Professional, and if everyone in your salon is also certified, you can be marketed as a Safe Salon®.


This course is for podiatrists or other medical providers who want to bring a routine foot care specialist into their busy practices.


Learn to be a physician’s extender by relieving the doctor of the routine foot care (cosmetic level) in a medical setting.

I would like to say taking the ANT & MNT courses was the best thing I have ever done in my life. It really changed me. I never knew how much I’d learn doing my internship with a Podiatrist and learning about diabetes and etc. Please sign up today and take these courses. 

-Gloria Haley, ANT, MNT

The information Nailcare Academy has included in this training is above and beyond my expectations. The in-depth information of the modules really places the student at a level that is sure to bring our industry to a higher level of professional. As an educator I stress continued education, client protection, infection control, and above any other program of its kind, Nailcare Academy is dedicated to the student and their growth. Thank you for all the work preparing and delivering such an incredible education. 

-Tina Porter, ANT, FNT, Educator

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