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NA MNT 3rd Ed. Program Update Released

Nailcare Academy Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges believe in keeping it relevant, so they regularly add to and revise their online training programs. Fort Myers, FL, November 14, 2019.  Today the 3rd Edition of Nailcare Academy’s Medical Nail Tech – MNTTM Certification Program went live. “All ten modules of the program have been revised […]

Discount Coupon Programs – Yes or No?

Should you sign up for a coupon discount program? There are a number of 3rd party coupon and promotion providers and whether you use Groupon, Living Social, Spa Finder, Amazon Local, Google Offers or another brand, all can help you build your business.  The best use of these platforms as tools is when you are […]

Nailcare Academy Partners with The Footnanny in Trailblazing RESCUE Program

@Footnanny is thrilled to announce new Facebook/IG Live Show “Footnanny to the RESCUE” “Nailcare Academy is so gratified to be asked to join in supporting Gloria L. Williams, “The Footnanny” in her innovative weekly Live show,” states Janet McCormick, author/educator and Co-Founder of several online education platforms. “This program will change the lives of her […]

AHP – Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for the Salon and Spa

  AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) Disinfection Products Now FDA Approved! Disinfection of implements and surfaces is very important when performing direct-touch services on another person, no matter the industry. For that reason, infection control is a serious responsibility for the professionals in our industry, one that is poorly performed by many though with strict adherence […]

Nailcare Academy & the Footnanny! Big Plans Afoot

Nailcare Academy and the fabulous #footnanny, Gloria Williams announce:  Something Big is Coming! Nailcare Academy is excited to be partnering with Gloria Williams,  the original and exuberant #footnanny! Oprah’s Winfrey’s “Most Favorite Things” Lister, Gloria, is pedicure specialist with her own unique touch and techniques. Always considering safety a top priority, it was fated that […]

Nailcare Academy Announces Collaboration with Belle

Nailcare Academy announces a collaboration with Belle, a rapidly growing concierge company, to bring highly trained foot and nailcare specialists TO clients at-risk for foot complications. Belle provides in-home or on-location foot care through their easy-to-use website at www.bellecares.com or customer service line 615-873-0344. Belle’s platform, launched in 2016, also offers a new venue of work for […]

Privacy Policy Update

Nailcare Academy Privacy Statement has been updated. Nailcare Academy cares about the privacy and security of all the users of the website. The website itself is hosted on robustly-protected, secured servers owned by web design and development guru, Claudio Barbieri, Page1 Ranking of Cape Coral, Florida. Co-Founder Karen Hodges shares “Over the last few weeks, […]

New Course Launched – Change Your Career!

Nailcare Academy is so excited and proud to announce our latest course:  Nail Technicians Working with Physicians.  This course is instructed by foot spa innovator, Denise Baich, who lends her personal expertise in setting up unique foot care facilities in collaboration with podiatrists and other medical providers. A licensed nail technician, ANT/MNT and trainer, Baich […]

Foot Care as a Wellness Service

More salons and spas are incorporating “wellness” into their culture. ANTs can easily slip into this role.         BE AWARE Nail services have evolved over the years–the original “nail salons” were focused mostly on artificial nail enhancements, but today’s nail departments now encompass a wide variety of nail services. Not only are artificial […]

Random Acts of Kindness

It only takes one tiny handful of snow to start an avalanche of kind acts. Recently one of our Advanced Nail Tech (ANT/MNT) students shared her frustration with us – her phone sound is not working correctly to allow her to learn the materials in the courses, and she does not have access to a […]