Footnanny Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Exam

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Exam

Please allow about an hour and 30 minutes for this exam with no interruptions. If you close your browser (example…answer your smart phone) your answers will be lost and you will need to start again.  After you have answered all questions, click on “Finish Quiz” and WAIT. Your score will be calculated immediately and reported at the top of the browser. To see which questions, if any, you have missed, click on “View Questions.”

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Exam

Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Exam

Please allow about an hour and 30 minutes for this exam with no interruptions. If you close your browser (example…answer your smart phone) your answers will be lost and you will need to start again.  After you have answered all questions, click on “Finish Quiz” and WAIT. Your score will be calculated immediately and reported at the top of the browser. To see which questions, if any, you have missed, click on “View Questions.”


Nailcare Academy Partners with The Footnanny in Trailblazing RESCUE Program

@Footnanny is thrilled to announce new Facebook/IG Live Show “Footnanny to the RESCUE”

“Nailcare Academy is so gratified to be asked to join in supporting Gloria L. Williams, “The Footnanny” in her innovative weekly Live show,” states Janet McCormick, author/educator and Co-Founder of several online education platforms. “This program will change the lives of her RESCUE recipient nail techs…and inspire many, many more.”nailcare-academy-footnanny

In speaking with Williams, she explains how the program will work: “We will be rescuing nail techs and helping them open a nail salon or remodeling their existing nail area and expanding their current nail care knowledge.  My company, Footnanny, Inc., and our brand partners will be footing the bills and the nail techs will help do the work!  After each RESCUE the nail salon will become a Footnanny Retailer and the nail tech will become a Footnanny Union Member!”

“Our first nail salon RESCUE was announced on our first show on the Sunday, February 3, 2019. It was an amazing experience and the successful launch of our program. We want all nail techs to join us!

“You will get to meet a new nail technician every Sunday and share in the excitement! This will continue every Sunday for the entire year 2019!! Footnanny is building one Footnanny Partner at a time and working a book concept “How To Open A Nail Salon With $1000.” If you or someone you know needs to be on “Footnanny to the RESCUE,” tag them in this post and also have them email a “before” photo of their current nail salon and tell us their story.”

McCormick shares, “Each RESCUE recipient will receive a full Scholarship for the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Program and the accompanying Safe Salon Concepts Certification course. These two programs go hand in hand, elevating the nail techs’ protocols by training them to work safely on those in their communities who need them the most: the elderly, diabetics and others with chronic illnesses. The two certifications will set the nail techs apart from others in their community and offer excellent marketing advantages.

Login every Sunday at 12 Noon, Pacific Time – Instagram @footnanny or Facebook Page “Footnanny”

Williams encourages nail techs to enter themselves, or to nominate those who need a Nail Salon RESCUE by email to  footnann[email protected].

Special thanks to #footnanny partners for making this happen: @thehavenly app @wbeatradio @softlandingstowels  @nailcareacademy @nailsmagazine @mrs.kimberlya.head #watergraphics


A Living Document – History of the ANT

Nailcare Academy is proud to announce its 4th Edition of the Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program.

Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges announce the release of their 4th Edition of their trademarked ANTTM certification program this fall.  “I’m just so happy with the updates we’ve been able to make. As we teach the course over the months, we become aware of new studies, new products and new protocols, so we update our training programs every 2 years to keep them relevant,” shares McCormick.

This course of study was originally inspired by the desire to help nail technicians work at a higher level of professionalism, and therefore to command a higher rate of pay. Over the years it has been a living document with many revisions and upgrades, but the underlying focus has been based on the growing need for safe, healthful foot care for three increasing population sectors:

  • The chronically ill – according to the CDC, more than half of adult Americans have one or more chronic illnesses, of which, the most devastatingly dangerous, in terms of foot care, is diabetes.
  • The fragile elderly – ‘Boomers, the largest population sector in America, have passed the threshold of age 65.
  • Those who have become fearful – due to the constant media coverage of injuries in nail shops.

Certified Advanced Nail Technicians set themselves and their services apart from the “ordinary” nail experience by becoming “extraordinary” at what they do. They do things in a visibly different manner, and their clients immediately notice and appreciate the difference.

Originally written in 2007-2008, McCormick developed the course when she was brought on board as a partner at Medinail Learning Center to expand a new emerging credential: the “Medical Nail Technician.” The three original podiatrist-conceived modules of the MNT were not easy for nail technicians to navigate and McCormick’s grasp of the disparity in training from state to state — anywhere from 150 hours to 6oo hours — made the need clear for a level playing field for nail techs to proceed to the MNT.  She utilized her degree in Adult Vocational Learning to conceive of a bridge course and named it the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) and insisted on requiring nail technicians take the ANT as a prerequisite to the MNT.

As time went by, as often happens in business partnerships, the goals and focus of the partners change, and McCormick elected to leave Medinail in the summer of 2014. Over the next few months, she and her former partner negotiated an agreement, and she left with her copyrighted work product to partner with nail industry educator and veteran, Karen Hodges. Together they launched the Nailcare Academy and completely revised and revamped the ANT program in a much better format to be delivered by a cutting edge web Learning Management System platform.
The program has been since been revised and updated in 2016, and again this fall, and is helping nail techs work at a much higher standard.

Hodges states, “From the moment you enter a salon or spa which has the ANT program in place, you will know you are in good hands!  The practice of ‘Hi….have a seat, what color do you want?’ has been replaced with a comprehensive intake and consultation process. Each client’s health concerns are taken into account before the first drop of water hits the pedicure bowl.” This difference will grant nail technicians much higher status and prestige in the eyes of their clients, and it’s been demonstrated will never leave for another salon. “There are clients out there that are happy to pay for ‘foot care’ versus ‘fast care.’  We know some of our ANTs are making in the six figures, because they have taken what they’ve learned and hustled.”

The ANT program is made up of 10 modules of theory, with solid adult learning principles in each module. For example, once a module has been viewed, the learning is reinforced with Study Questions which require the student to utilize the module search feature to organize their answers. After viewing all 10 modules, and the downloadable Handbook which accompanies the course, there is a comprehensive exam based on 100 random questions taken from the question data base.  Each person has 2 attempts to pass the exam, and once they have, they are eligible to purchase their Certification Packet. Each layer of learning is a building block for the next, just as the ANT is the first step toward achieving status as an MNT.

To read more about the ANT Certification program, checkout the course description!

Footnanny ANT – Advanced Nail Technician

footnanny-ant-programAdvanced education for licensed nail professionals. This course provides certification in providing aseptic cosmetic nail services for your clients who have special health concerns. Those with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses, cannot risk pedicures with less than excellent infection control.

You will learn to implement obvious aseptic techniques which will immediately identify to your clients that you are far beyond the typical “nail shop.” Upon receiving your certification you will have the knowledge and tools you need to provide safe, careful services for all your clients. Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy review of the feet and ankles
  • Discussion and definition of “at-risk clients”
  • Pedicures and precautions for at-risk clients
  • Home care education for your clients
  • Diseases and disorders seen by the nail tech
  • OSHA requirements and implementation in the salon
  • How to create referral relationships with physicians
  • How to market a Safe Salon and create success
  • How to set yourself apart from ordinary and so much more

There is a $17.95 processing fee through PayPal for your Certification Packet, once you have submitted a Course Survey. The Certificate Packet will contain a numbered, high-quality displayable Certificate ready for framing, special offers from our participating industry partners and a professional achievement patch of the ANT logo to be worn while working.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Be certain of your purchase.

AHP – Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for the Salon and Spa


virox-nailcare-academy-logoAHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) Disinfection Products Now FDA Approved!

Disinfection of implements and surfaces is very important when performing direct-touch services on another person, no matter the industry. For that reason, infection control is a serious responsibility for the professionals in our industry, one that is poorly performed by many though with strict adherence by others. Those who adhere to proper levels of infection control want good and reliable products, while ease of use and safety are important, also.

We, at Nailcare Academy have been waiting for the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) disinfectant to be approved in the US for years! AHP disinfection products (Rejuvenate™ and Prevention™ HLD8) are manufactured by Virox Technologies, Inc., and are now available for the beauty industry in both surface and immersion products. The Virox AHP products have the highest approval available – EPA and FDA approval, for use in the medical, dental and beauty industries.

Following are some benefits of AHP:

  1. Prevention HDL8TM from Virox does not need dilution for high-level disinfection of implements – it is full strength so the dangers of incorrect dilution are gone. Just pour and go! One of the problems in our industry in implementing infection control is correct dilution of our disinfection products in water.
  2. The necessary change of Prevention HDL8TM  immersion liquid is approved for 21 days – no more changing it every day. Our industry is well known for our “forgetting” to change the disinfectant. Test strips are also available to check the efficacy of the immersion product along the way.
  3. At last! A non-toxic-to-the-environment (and to us) disinfectant – when you put this product down the drain it breaks down into water and oxygen. No other disinfection product is that safe. Our prior products were dangerous to put down the drain, and PPEs were an absolute must in using them. Now you use PPEs to protect you from dirty implements, not from the disinfectant.
  4. Eight (8) minutes immersion for implement disinfection – this is less time than the prior products. Prior products were 10-20 minutes for disinfection.
  5. The level of “kill” reached by AHP is higher than our standard salon immersion products, which has been defined by the CDC as “intermediate level”–this system meets the criteria for “High Level” disinfection according to the CDC.

Are there any concerns about AHP? In the past, some formulations have caused inferior metal implements to turn black. However, Virox has carefully calibrated their mixtures and if you “buy right” as we discuss in our programs, and don’t allow them to soak overnight, good stainless steel implements are unaffected by the AHP immersion products.

A full range of products to meet our needs are available:

  • Surfaces and Non-Circulating Foot Bath Disinfection: Rejuvenate™ Ready to Use liquid and Wipes
  • Foot Bath Disinfection: Rejuvenate ™ Concentrate
  • Implement Disinfection: Prevention ™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant

This product is fully explained and use is instructed in the Advanced Nail Technician Program. If you are a prior graduate, we suggest you go into the program and click through to learn about AHP. Current attendees will find a discussion of the product in Module 4 plus instruction sheets on both the surface and immersion products are available to download in Module 10. This is a new and different line of disinfection products so it’s best to seek out full information prior to use.

With the dramatic changes in health of the population in the US since 2000, many clients in our services are slow to heal or fast to become infected. If the person has even a tiny wound from a dirty implement, they may have severe consequences…and the possibilities of poor healing illnesses in the US increase yearly. For example, according to the CDC, in 2000 5.8% of Americans had diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. But in 2017, diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes was near to 17%. Diabetics whose feet become infected are slow healing or do not heal at all and may lose a toe, a foot, their leg or even their life. Times have changed, and nail technicians must increase their awareness of safety for their clients or potentials for dire consequences rise dramatically.

Where to Purchase AHP

Some of our favorite distributors are now carrying AHP products:

2323 Delprado Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33990
[email protected]

Cordoza Nail Supply 
140 W Grant St ,
Lebanon , Oregon , 97355

Spa Order
1350 Ritchey St,
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Nailcare Academy & the Footnanny! Big Plans Afoot

Nailcare Academy and the fabulous #footnanny, Gloria Williams announce:  Something Big is Coming!

Nailcare Academy is excited to be partnering with Gloria Williams, gloria-footnanny the original and exuberant #footnanny! Oprah’s Winfrey’s “Most Favorite Things” Lister, Gloria, is pedicure specialist with her own unique touch and techniques.

Always considering safety a top priority, it was fated that Gloria and Nailcare Academy Co-Founder, Janet McCormick meet at NAILS Magazine’s Foot Forward Summit in Atlanta, mid-August. “All of my blessings always come to me this, way, so when I saw Janet and heard her story, I had to step in,” says Gloria, who witnessed Janet in the process of being turned away at her full hotel. She offered Janet the extra bed in her room, and the two barely slept for the brainstorming.

The first of what looks to become an annual event, the Foot Forward Summit was all about lifting nail technicians to a higher level of learning and therefore performing.  “Know better…do better” was the focus of many of the classes and workshops offered at the Atlanta event.  Janet and Gloria found much in common as they discussed the programs and the spirit of collaboration crept into the room.

This collaboration of woman-empowering and passionate mavericks in the beauty industry bodes good things for nail technicians and for their clients, as well. Since then, there are many plans afoot! (see what we did there?) Keep your eyes open for more news as plans become reality.
Be sure and watch Gloria’s story on OWN airing Sept 8th (check your local listings). Click here’s to see the trailer: Follow Up with Footnanny

To follow the footnanny, keep your eye on her Instagram account @footnanny


Nailcare Academy Announces Collaboration with Belle

Nailcare Academy announces a collaboration with Belle, a rapidly growing concierge company, to bring highly trained foot and nailcare specialists TO clients at-risk for foot complications.

Belle provides in-home or on-location foot care through their easy-to-use website at or customer service line 615-873-0344. Belle’s platform, launched in 2016, also offers a new venue of work for nail technicians as well as essential advanced education through Nailcare Academy’s online format at

Armand Lauzon, Project Belle Founder

Belle’s first launch was in Middle Tennessee. “In just a short time, we have been very successful in the area. We’ve perfected our protocols and technology, which now allows us to smoothly scale operations across the US,” says Armand Lauzon, Belle’s CEO. “Each nail technician will be an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) through Nailcare Academy, or Belle will pay for ANT training,” says Lauzon. “After finishing the ANT program, they learn Belle’s specific protocols which are designed to promote foot health and prevention of complications.”

Belle believes it requires the highest quality nail technicians with advanced education to work effectively with these clients and Belle’s executives are pleased with the training Nailcare Academy offers. Janet McCormick, Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy states “Nailcare Academy trains Belle Nail Technicians to work safely and competently with these special clients. We are excited about this new venue of care for our graduates to choose for their careers.”

Crystal Mesick, ANT

Nail technicians are welcoming this tech-enabled, innovative platform that represents a first in the industry. Belle Nail Technician, Crystal Mesick, enthuses “I provide services to people who need special and customized care, including clients who have suffered strokes, pregnant mothers on bedrest, hospice patients and even a woman who recently came out of a coma. I know that the services I provide have a direct impact on their wellbeing and quality of life. I’ve never felt more valued and I wouldn’t be able to make this a reality without Belle.”

Belle’s target clients are older adults, expectant mothers, diabetics, homebound, as well as those in senior communities, hospitals, hospice and other restrictive environments. These clients commonly experience poor circulation and changes to the foot itself, which put them at-risk for serious complications. The good news is that most of these incidents can be prevented with routine foot care. Setting up regular appointments with Belle makes these clients proactive rather than reactive in their foot health while preventing life threatening ulcers, infections and even amputations.

When needed, Belle and its Nail Technicians coordinate efficient escalation of care to a medical professional. ANTs are trained to “recognize and refer” any “out-of-normal” conditions they observe on their clients’ feet. “Belle is excited to be redefining foot health for this neglected group which represents millions,” says Lauzon.

McCormick stated, “Our website is ready to go – when Belle hires technicians, we can get them started on their ANT Certification training immediately. This new business model is ideal for nail techs who are looking for their next career advancement.”


ANT Exam for Lenoir Community College

Lenoir Community College Certification Program

Private course developed exclusively for cosmetology school students. This classroom-administered advanced training for nail technicians will set you far apart from typical recent graduates who enter the industry. You will learn skills and techniques that will help you rapidly fill your book with appointments with clients who will be loyal and never leave you. You will have the knowledge and skills you need to implement obvious aseptic techniques and provide safe, careful services for all your clients.

Topics will include a review of the feet and ankles, diseases and disorders seen by nail techs, OSHA requirements, discussion and definition of “at-risk clients”, pedicures for at-risk clients, home care recommendations for your clients, how to create referral relationships with physicians and set yourself apart from ordinary nail salons.

The course also includes materials that you can download and customize and you will learn how to market a Safe Salon to create success. In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Always be certain of your purchases.