NA MNT 3rd Ed. Program Update Released

Nailcare Academy Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges believe in keeping it relevant, so they regularly add to and revise their online training programs.

Fort Myers, FL, November 14, 2019.  Today the 3rd Edition of Nailcare Academy’s Medical Nail Tech – MNTTM Certification Program went live. “All ten modules of the program have been revised and refreshed for new, relevant information,” shares original author, Janet McCormick. “We’ve updated the program to add new topics, new protocols and new career tracks.”  Some of the new topics include

  • The use of CBD in foot care
  • Using AHP as a disinfectant
  • Incorporating new technology like Neurogenx® 

“We care deeply about our students and want their success,” says McCormick. “My partner, Karen Hodges and I spend a lot of time helping students work through the programs as well as implementing the things they’ve learned into their salons or spas.”  Hodges states, “I tend to handle the queries made through social media messages, and Janet tends to take the phone calls.  We both monitor the company email and handle all inquiries promptly.”

“I’d just like to say how wonderful it was to have Janet and Karen be so responsive…”

Customer service is a key in what sets Nailcare Academy apart from other online trainers. Recent ANT/MNT graduate Faith Taylor, Florissant, MO enthuses “I’d just like to say how wonder it was to have Janet and Karen be so responsive to me when I called for anything.”  The Nailcare Academy Website shows many positive reviews and testimonials from their grads.

Students also like their ability view the website and the modules on any device. “Our webmaster and I test our programs on several browsers and on different types of devices,” says Hodges.  “We check Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer to be sure everything looks right.  We have a fully responsive website that works on desktops, laptops, tablets, pads and both Android and iOS smart phones.”

A unique feature of the website is the ability for students to easily login and look up something in the searchable modules. This gives them the ability to work with their clients with confidence. Their access is never restricted, once they’ve purchased a program. Students automatically have access to all updates. This keeps them excited, as well as their clients. “The course taught me so much and has given me so many different business ideas. I’ve been telling my clients all about the program and they are so excited. Also, I’ve been able to detect problems in my clients and are better able to refer them to a physician,” shares Taylor.

“When our graduates do the things we tell them to do – meaning, they implement all the business-building activities we recommend – they are successful. Some even make six figures,” shares McCormick. “In fact, several have shared their inspiring stories with me. I will be giving talks on How to Become a Six-Figure Nail Technician at several upcoming events in 2020.” Be sure to look for Nailcare Academy educational events by visiting the website.


Nailcare Academy Partners with The Footnanny in Trailblazing RESCUE Program

@Footnanny is thrilled to announce new Facebook/IG Live Show “Footnanny to the RESCUE”

“Nailcare Academy is so gratified to be asked to join in supporting Gloria L. Williams, “The Footnanny” in her innovative weekly Live show,” states Janet McCormick, author/educator and Co-Founder of several online education platforms. “This program will change the lives of her RESCUE recipient nail techs…and inspire many, many more.”nailcare-academy-footnanny

In speaking with Williams, she explains how the program will work: “We will be rescuing nail techs and helping them open a nail salon or remodeling their existing nail area and expanding their current nail care knowledge.  My company, Footnanny, Inc., and our brand partners will be footing the bills and the nail techs will help do the work!  After each RESCUE the nail salon will become a Footnanny Retailer and the nail tech will become a Footnanny Union Member!”

“Our first nail salon RESCUE was announced on our first show on the Sunday, February 3, 2019. It was an amazing experience and the successful launch of our program. We want all nail techs to join us!

“Our plan is that you will get to meet a new nail technician every Sunday and share in the excitement! This will continue on Sundays throughout!! Footnanny is building one Footnanny Partner at a time and working a book concept “How To Open A Nail Salon With $1000.” If you or someone you know needs to be on “Footnanny to the RESCUE,” tag them in this post and also have them email a “before” photo of their current nail salon and tell us their story.”

McCormick shares, “Each RESCUE recipient will receive a full Scholarship for the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Program and the accompanying Safe Salon Concepts Certification course. These two programs go hand in hand, elevating the nail techs’ protocols by training them to work safely on those in their communities who need them the most: the elderly, diabetics and others with chronic illnesses. The two certifications will set the nail techs apart from others in their community and offer excellent marketing advantages.

Login Sundays at 12 Noon, Pacific Time – Instagram @footnanny or Facebook Page “Footnanny”

Williams encourages nail techs to enter themselves, or to nominate those who need a Nail Salon RESCUE by email to

Special thanks to #footnanny partners for making this happen: @thehavenly app @wbeatradio @softlandingstowels  @nailcareacademy @nailsmagazine @mrs.kimberlya.head #watergraphics

AHP – Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide for the Salon and Spa


virox-nailcare-academy-logoAHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) Disinfection Products Now FDA Approved!

Disinfection of implements and surfaces is very important when performing direct-touch services on another person, no matter the industry. For that reason, infection control is a serious responsibility for the professionals in our industry, one that is poorly performed by many though with strict adherence by others. Those who adhere to proper levels of infection control want good and reliable products, while ease of use and safety are important, also.

We, at Nailcare Academy have been waiting for the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) disinfectant to be approved in the US for years! AHP disinfection products (Rejuvenate™ and Prevention™ HLD8) are manufactured by Virox Technologies, Inc., and are now available for the beauty industry in both surface and immersion products. The Virox AHP products have the highest approval available – EPA and FDA approval, for use in the medical, dental and beauty industries.

Following are some benefits of AHP:

  1. Prevention HDL8TM from Virox does not need dilution for high-level disinfection of implements – it is full strength so the dangers of incorrect dilution are gone. Just pour and go! One of the problems in our industry in implementing infection control is correct dilution of our disinfection products in water.
  2. The necessary change of Prevention HDL8TM  immersion liquid is approved for 21 days – no more changing it every day. Our industry is well known for our “forgetting” to change the disinfectant. Test strips are also available to check the efficacy of the immersion product along the way.
  3. At last! A non-toxic-to-the-environment (and to us) disinfectant – when you put this product down the drain it breaks down into water and oxygen. No other disinfection product is that safe. Our prior products were dangerous to put down the drain, and PPEs were an absolute must in using them. Now you use PPEs to protect you from dirty implements, not from the disinfectant.
  4. Eight (8) minutes immersion for implement disinfection – this is less time than the prior products. Prior products were 10-20 minutes for disinfection.
  5. The level of “kill” reached by AHP is higher than our standard salon immersion products, which has been defined by the CDC as “intermediate level”–this system meets the criteria for “High Level” disinfection according to the CDC.

Are there any concerns about AHP? In the past, some formulations have caused inferior metal implements to turn black. However, Virox has carefully calibrated their mixtures and if you “buy right” as we discuss in our programs, and don’t allow them to soak overnight, good stainless steel implements are unaffected by the AHP immersion products.

A full range of products to meet our needs are available:

  • Surfaces and Non-Circulating Foot Bath Disinfection: Rejuvenate™ Ready to Use liquid and Wipes
  • Foot Bath Disinfection: Rejuvenate ™ Concentrate
  • Implement Disinfection: Prevention ™ HLD8 High Level Disinfectant

This product is fully explained and use is instructed in the Advanced Nail Technician Program. If you are a prior graduate, we suggest you go into the program and click through to learn about AHP. Current attendees will find a discussion of the product in Module 4 plus instruction sheets on both the surface and immersion products are available to download in Module 10. This is a new and different line of disinfection products so it’s best to seek out full information prior to use.

With the dramatic changes in health of the population in the US since 2000, many clients in our services are slow to heal or fast to become infected. If the person has even a tiny wound from a dirty implement, they may have severe consequences…and the possibilities of poor healing illnesses in the US increase yearly. For example, according to the CDC, in 2000 5.8% of Americans had diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. But in 2017, diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes was near to 17%. Diabetics whose feet become infected are slow healing or do not heal at all and may lose a toe, a foot, their leg or even their life. Times have changed, and nail technicians must increase their awareness of safety for their clients or potentials for dire consequences rise dramatically.

Where to Purchase AHP

Some of our favorite distributors are now carrying AHP products:

2323 Delprado Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33990

Cordoza Nail Supply 
140 W Grant St ,
Lebanon , Oregon , 97355

Spa Order
1350 Ritchey St,
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Nailcare Academy & the Footnanny! Big Plans Afoot

Nailcare Academy and the fabulous #footnanny, Gloria Williams announce:  Something Big is Coming!

Nailcare Academy is excited to be partnering with Gloria Williams, gloria-footnanny the original and exuberant #footnanny! Oprah’s Winfrey’s “Most Favorite Things” Lister, Gloria, is pedicure specialist with her own unique touch and techniques.

Always considering safety a top priority, it was fated that Gloria and Nailcare Academy Co-Founder, Janet McCormick meet at NAILS Magazine’s Foot Forward Summit in Atlanta, mid-August. “All of my blessings always come to me this, way, so when I saw Janet and heard her story, I had to step in,” says Gloria, who witnessed Janet in the process of being turned away at her full hotel. She offered Janet the extra bed in her room, and the two barely slept for the brainstorming.

The first of what looks to become an annual event, the Foot Forward Summit was all about lifting nail technicians to a higher level of learning and therefore performing.  “Know better…do better” was the focus of many of the classes and workshops offered at the Atlanta event.  Janet and Gloria found much in common as they discussed the programs and the spirit of collaboration crept into the room.

This collaboration of woman-empowering and passionate mavericks in the beauty industry bodes good things for nail technicians and for their clients, as well. Since then, there are many plans afoot! (see what we did there?) Keep your eyes open for more news as plans become reality.
Be sure and watch Gloria’s story on OWN airing Sept 8th (check your local listings). Click here’s to see the trailer: Follow Up with Footnanny

To follow the footnanny, keep your eye on her Instagram account @footnanny


Nailcare Academy Announces Collaboration with Belle

Nailcare Academy announces a collaboration with Belle, a rapidly growing concierge company, to bring highly trained foot and nailcare specialists TO clients at-risk for foot complications.

Belle provides in-home or on-location foot care through their easy-to-use website at or customer service line 615-873-0344. Belle’s platform, launched in 2016, also offers a new venue of work for nail technicians as well as essential advanced education through Nailcare Academy’s online format at

Armand Lauzon, Project Belle Founder

Belle’s first launch was in Middle Tennessee. “In just a short time, we have been very successful in the area. We’ve perfected our protocols and technology, which now allows us to smoothly scale operations across the US,” says Armand Lauzon, Belle’s CEO. “Each nail technician will be an Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) through Nailcare Academy, or Belle will pay for ANT training,” says Lauzon. “After finishing the ANT program, they learn Belle’s specific protocols which are designed to promote foot health and prevention of complications.”

Belle believes it requires the highest quality nail technicians with advanced education to work effectively with these clients and Belle’s executives are pleased with the training Nailcare Academy offers. Janet McCormick, Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy states “Nailcare Academy trains Belle Nail Technicians to work safely and competently with these special clients. We are excited about this new venue of care for our graduates to choose for their careers.”

Crystal Mesick, ANT

Nail technicians are welcoming this tech-enabled, innovative platform that represents a first in the industry. Belle Nail Technician, Crystal Mesick, enthuses “I provide services to people who need special and customized care, including clients who have suffered strokes, pregnant mothers on bedrest, hospice patients and even a woman who recently came out of a coma. I know that the services I provide have a direct impact on their wellbeing and quality of life. I’ve never felt more valued and I wouldn’t be able to make this a reality without Belle.”

Belle’s target clients are older adults, expectant mothers, diabetics, homebound, as well as those in senior communities, hospitals, hospice and other restrictive environments. These clients commonly experience poor circulation and changes to the foot itself, which put them at-risk for serious complications. The good news is that most of these incidents can be prevented with routine foot care. Setting up regular appointments with Belle makes these clients proactive rather than reactive in their foot health while preventing life threatening ulcers, infections and even amputations.

When needed, Belle and its Nail Technicians coordinate efficient escalation of care to a medical professional. ANTs are trained to “recognize and refer” any “out-of-normal” conditions they observe on their clients’ feet. “Belle is excited to be redefining foot health for this neglected group which represents millions,” says Lauzon.

McCormick stated, “Our website is ready to go – when Belle hires technicians, we can get them started on their ANT Certification training immediately. This new business model is ideal for nail techs who are looking for their next career advancement.”


Privacy Policy Update

Nailcare Academy Privacy Statement has been updated.

Claudio Barbieri

Nailcare Academy cares about the privacy and security of all the users of the website. The website itself is hosted on robustly-protected, secured servers owned by web design and development guru, Claudio Barbieri, Page1 Ranking of Cape Coral, Florida.

Co-Founder Karen Hodges shares “Over the last few weeks, Claudio has been working hard to migrate his clients’ websites over to new, super-secure servers. He’s added additional layers of security with cutting edge technology. That’s one of the things we love about working with Claudio—he keeps refreshing his equipment, software and protocols with the very best he can find.”

In compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which was put into place in 2016, Nailcare Academy has put into place several security measures to safeguard its website visitors from the potential for security breaches. For example, “We do not actually collect credit card payment information from our students,” states Hodges, the company’s designated Data Protection Officer. “Instead, we utilize third party credit card processors who have data security measures of their own in place. This is just one way in which our students’ information is safeguarded.”

What is the GDPR?

In April 2016, the Parliament of the European Union adopted data protection regulation for every company that does business with its citizens. They created specific requirements which must be in place effective May 25, 2018.

Any company that stores or processes personal information about EU citizens within EU states must comply with the GDPR, even if they do not have a business presence within the EU. Specific criteria for companies required to comply are:

• A presence in an EU country.
• No presence in the EU, but it processes personal data of European residents.
• More than 250 employees.
• Fewer than 250 employees but its data-processing impacts the rights and freedoms of data subjects, is not occasional, or includes certain types of sensitive personal data. That effectively means almost all companies.

These regulations carry the force of law and incorporate very stiff fines for those who play fast and loose with website user data they gather. Some of the requirements are that the website must have and post a privacy policy explaining what data is collected, what is done with it and whether or not if it’s shared with third parties. You can read Nailcare Academy’s Policy Statement at this link.

New Course Launched – Change Your Career!

Nailcare Academy is so excited and proud to announce our latest course:  Nail Technicians Working with Physicians. 

This course is instructed by foot spa innovator, Denise Baich, who lends her personal expertise in setting up unique foot care facilities in collaboration with podiatrists and other medical providers. A licensed nail technician, ANT/MNT and trainer, Baich has much to contribute to the discussion about how nail techs can integrate with podiatry and medical foot care.

“Nail techs can wear two hats in a foot spa facility,” says Baich. “They can wear their nail tech hat in one area of the building, performing cosmetic nail services, and then they can move over to the medical side and function as a medical assistant working under the supervision of the podiatrist.”  She says there are some specific rules that apply, and of course you must always work within the scope of your license, and that of the facility. She discusses how to find out what those rules are for your particular location.

Also in Nail Technicians Working with Physicians, Baich discusses the various kinds of working relationships a nail tech might establish with those in the medical foot care community:  referral relationships, employment relationship, independent contracting and so on. She generously lends her personal experiences–negotiating salaries and benefits, as one example. She shares her ideas on the set up and equipment needed so that you spend your start-up dollars wisely. There are also a lot of marketing and advertising ideas you can incorporate–from very subtle, quiet marketing you do inside the business, to proven-successful public advertising and promotional campaigns.

This course is one of several career-enhancing training programs designed to help nail technicians set themselves apart from “ordinary” by offering the “extraordinary” in their communities.

Random Acts of Kindness

It only takes one tiny handful of snow to start an avalanche of kind acts.

Recently one of our Advanced Nail Tech (ANT/MNT) students shared her frustration with us – her phone sound is not working correctly to allow her to learn the materials in the courses, and she does not have access to a computer. She tried using her public library, but reserving a computer is difficult with her schedule. She shared that she had saved for a long while to purchase the courses, and she is hoping to change her career to one of “taking care of those who need me the most – the elderly and people like diabetics.”

Feeling her frustration, but at a loss to help her with her phone, we posted an inquiry in our groups in Facebook: “Does anyone have an unused tablet sitting around, we have a student in need.” Very shortly, a true “Angel” sent a private note asking “Would this do the trick?” along with a screen shot of a fully-tricked out, latest-and-greatest tablet from Amazon.  We had been hoping for someone’s used tablet, just praying they would still have the charge cord!

That tablet arrived 2 days later at our mail center, and we took it straight to the counter to forward it out to the student in California. In calling to verify her shipping address (good thing – she’d moved!), the shipping agent overheard the situation and asked for details. Teary-eyed, she discounted the shipping!

The interwebs are a scary place sometimes. But stories like these give us hope that we can each be the reason someone believes in the goodness of others. Thank you to our special “Angel”… your anonymous gift will end up changing the lives of so many clients who need this Medical Nail Technician the most.

Offsetting the Cost of Your Lost Time

Do you have no-shows and late cancellations every week? Have you ever taken the time to add up all the potential income you have lost?  What about the clients you turned away because you were “booked out”….would they be more respectful of your time than the ones who no-showed you? Here’s how one Owner/Operator took control of her schedule and began offsetting her losses! 

Lauren Denney, Owner/Nail Technician at Gimme the shimmers in Glendale Arizona recently shared her point of view on “selling our time.”  We could learn from this nail veteran!

“I’m sharing a move I’ve made with my business and hopefully it might help anyone else struggling with this. I’ve had online booking available for the past 7 or so years and it’s worked great. I have also always had a cancellation policy which is stated as follows:

•Must cancel appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if need be
•If it’s inside 24 hours then it’s a 50% charge of original service
•If you no-show, it’s a full charge of original service
•If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be rebooked (for the sake of not putting other clients behind) and you will have to pay for the originally booked slot

“I’ve never been great about enforcing the policy—I can sometimes be a softy. But then I realized, it’s just not good business to be constantly absorbing all of the business’s losses single-handedly. Here’s the real deal though—our industry is one of the only industries I can think of that doesn’t have a solid plan for recovering loss. Here’s what I mean:  essentially we are selling our time. Yes we have overhead (rent, equipment, products) and, of course, our talent, but you can’t put a price tag on our time because it’s priceless. Time is a finite resource and if you are selling it, it should never come cheap. Most importantly it should never ever be wasted. When your time is wasted, that is considered a loss; and a great one at that. It should bother you if you are constantly the one who is absorbing the loss, not only by not getting paid for your services, but also never having the opportunity to get that time back since it’s impossible.

“Every successful business has a plan to offset or recover their losses. You can return the Nikes that you’ve worn every day for the last 6 months back to Macy’s because that’s their return policy but I promise you that it’s not coming out of the CEO’s pocket. That cost is passed along to the customers. When it comes to nail techs, when people cancel last minute why should the entire weight of that loss lies solely on the owner/operator? That’s a problem!

“Say you’re booked 8 clients a day 5 days a week and if you see them every 2 weeks, you have 80 standing clients. There’s always a variable there, things happen, people need to move their appointment, stuff comes up, etc., but if clients give you enough notice, you can juggle things and move stuff around to make it work out for everyone. Ok so let’s take this same full book, only you allow your clients to get away with no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Let’s say 5 do that to you in one week. Your 40 hour work week now turns into a 45+ hour work week because you have to come in on your day off to service the clients who cancelled last minute on another day just to make your projected income for that week. Now you have to pay a babysitter to watch your kids on a Sunday, and you also have to pay the salon owner for a sixth day on top of your 5 days. So now you’re working unpaid overtime because you were counting on that income and budgeted your bills and expenses that way. Unless you take some extra clients and work more than the 5 hours, you’re still short because of all the extra expenses of taking those clients at alternate times. What’s worse, this imposes on your time that you have with your family, your friends, your dogs, your cats, or heck, your “me” time which is all so incredibly valuable! We need to offset this loss!

“I recently made the decision to implement credit card guarantee with online booking which most clients were understanding of, though it didn’t settle well with some. I will tell you why I am 100% standing behind my decision. My time doesn’t come cheap. Think of this analogy: your day is basically the same thing as a hotel. Because the hotel is only allotted a static amount of rooms to let out each night, if every room is booked every night, they’re doing great. If only part of the rooms are booked they’re actually losing money. Whether or not people show up to occupy those time slots, the bills still need to be paid. That is the bottom line. Just as every night a hotel is short on occupants loses money, every minute that you don’t have someone in your chair you are losing money. This is totally just business. I know that crap happens and people have bad days and there are circumstances where it would be impossible for clients to make that appointment that they set with me, but as I establish these boundaries for myself and for my business, I can deal with these situations more effectively because I realize how precious and worthy my time is. It will never be anything personal. I will never be mad about someone having a bad day, but I can still effectively resolve my loss and hold my client accountable for their end of the transaction which was reserving that hour of my time with a promise to pay me for it.

“Maybe the general public doesn’t feel that nail techs are that important to be making these types of moves in their business. I believe it’s partially our fault for not treating our trade seriously ourselves. We’re too scared and worried that our clients won’t receive it well or value our time like we would like them to. I think that the way we run our businesses in this industry is flawed and we need to take steps to get it right!”

All beauty service providers should value their time in order for their clients to value it, as well. What steps will you take in your practice to “offset your losses?”


Podiatry Providers Seek Assistants: Cosmetology Licensed Foot Care

In a recent issue of PM News [April 26, #5913] a podiatrist asked about the possibility of hiring cosmetology trained assistants to help relieve the load of Routine Foot Care. This is a legitimate question for busy podiatry offices who are finding innovative ways to take care of their patients. Here are some points to consider in deciding if this might be viable in your busy podiatry practice:

Do you have a large amount of “nail trimming only” patients?

If so, you may find the following interesting:

  1. Routine foot care, as defined by Medicare, includes the following tasks: trimming and thinning thickened nails, reducing calluses and applying moisture. Cosmetology-licensed nail technicians can perform these exact same tasks under their licenses. Specially trained nail technicians who have achieved certification in advanced foot care will not only be able to perform these same tasks, they are trained to recognize and refer any “out of normal” observations they make upon their intake evaluation.
  2. Nail trimming is usually not reimbursable by insurance or Medicare: these treatments are usually cash services, payable upon rendering. These services are healthy for the practice–they can be the “bread and butter” but non-medical nail trimming by a trained assistant can bring in that same cash.

Is your schedule jam-packed with Routine Foot Care?

If non-medically driven trimming services are overwhelming the physician or podiatrist, higher-level treatments compete for appointed time. Hiring a well-trained assistant who can take on the non-medical nail trimming, callus reduction and foot care is a good way to free up the schedule.

Is it legal for your office to hire a nail technician?

The answer to this question is…”Yes, if done right.”   Here are some considerations:

In a practice facility, you can have both a Medical Board-sanctioned podiatry practice as well as a Cosmetology Board-licensed “salon” IF ALL REQUIREMENTS OF THE BOARDS ARE MET.

With an existing licensed medical practice you already know what is allowed in your facility. In most states, NO cosmetic services may be performed in the medical treatment rooms….but there is nothing that says there can’t be a separate non-treatment space designated for “cosmetic services only.”

Also generally, you cannot perform medical treatments in a licensed Cosmetology Salon, but there’s nothing to say a salon can’t be adjacent to a medical treatment area. Usually, in a cosmetology salon (or a salon “room”) you must meet the requirements as set forth by the Board of Cosmetology in your State. In most states:

  1. There is a minimum space requirement (usually a certain number of square feet per practitioner, which most treatment rooms will fulfill)
  2. There is a need for access to hot water (in some states, it must be in the same room, in some states just “near by”)
  3. There may be a requirement for access to a restroom (in some states, within a certain number of feet away)
  4. There might be a requirement for ventilation in the room (which is often already in place with A/C intake and venting)

The idea is to set up a separate room, licensed as a “Salon” and all the cosmetic services are done in this space by a cosmetology-licensed nail technician or cosmetologist. No medical treatments in this room. In other rooms, medical-only treatments may be performed–no cosmetic services in those rooms. The patient can move between the rooms…being seen for a medical evaluation or treatment by the podiatrist in a treatment room and then “cleared” for cosmetic services in the cosmetics room.

How do you go about setting up this type of practice?

You must carefully designate the spaces, follow all the rules for BOTH your Medical Board and your Cosmetology Board. This take some planning:

  1. Working with a nail technician who is already familiar with her licensure and scope of practice is ideal.
  2. We suggest hiring a consultant versed in this concept — Janet McCormick has assisted with several successful “foot spa” facilities and podiatric/cosmetology practices. You can contact her directly to book a consultation at (863) 273-9134.
  3. View the materials provided in the newest addition to Nailcare Academy’s course line up:  Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Practice .

Click here to read more about this course.


Setting up a “cosmetology salon” room in your medical practice can have many benefits – you not only are making sure your patients are getting excellent nail trimming in a safe, aseptic environment and keeping them out of public “nail shops” which don’t have your high standards, you are creating a physician extender which will allow you more freedom in your practice of medicine.