Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting

Announcing a New Course –  Available to Podiatrists, Physicians, other Medical Providers

Nailcare Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a new course in their line up of career-changing offerings.  Cosmetic Foot Care in a Medical Setting is a five-module program which covers the various components needed in order to successfully integrate cosmetic foot care, an intriguing new service, into practice. This business model is suitable for a podiatry office, clinic, assisted living facility, hospital, etc.

These “cash-on-the-counter” services are much needed in every community–there is a growing demographic of “Baby Boomers” who are seeking safe, careful care of their feet. Americans are living longer–and they have more chronic health conditions that require special consideration in their foot care. These persons are paying attention and do not want to risk the dangers that are portrayed in the media of common “nail shops” where corners are often cut. They are seeking safe, healthful foot care, and who better to provide it than their trusted medical provider?

For many years, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have incorporated cosmetic procedures into their practices.  This option is also available to podiatrists, foot surgeons, diabetes specialists and others through the addition of cosmetic foot care. Rather than reinventing the wheel, why not learn from experts who have a successful track record setting up this type of “boutique” clientele.

Resources included in the Modules are:

-Checklists of supplies, equipment and materials needed to set up a “cosmetic foot care room”

-Timelines for the practice and the staff with activities for creating a successful launch

-Information on compensation packages

-Discussion of pricing strategies

…and much more

If you are a medical provider who does foot care,  this course has been infused with proven marketing activities which will create a buzz in your community and bring awareness to an important safety issue, especially for the elderly. Offering cosmetic foot care in a properly staffed practice will free up medical providers for more crucial–and lucrative–procedures such as surgeries.

If you are a nail technician seeking to change your career–take it to a higher level of care for your clients–then this is a course you can recommend to your local podiatrist as you negotiate your new career track. There are guidelines for both the nail technician and the business owner in this course.

Click here to read more about this course.

Nailcare Academy Introduces Medical Advisory Board

Nailcare Academy is thrilled to introduce our Medical Advisory Board Members — two nationally known foot care specialists who care about nail technicians! Both are Board Certified Foot Surgeons at the top of their game and have reviewed the modules in the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification Program. We are proud we’ve earned their seal of approval for our content.


Anna Marie Chwastiak, DPM

DPM: Temple School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Residencies: Long Beach Memorial Hospital, in Long Beach, New York, Community Medical Center in Scranton, PA, Surgical Exchange Program: Institute of Orthopedics Galeazzi, in Milan, Italy, and the Institute of Orthopedics Rizzoli, in Bologna, Italy
Concierge Practice in Lake, Sumter and Marion counties, FL
Practice, Spa Marbella at Mission Inn Resort and Club, Howie-in-the-Hills, FL
Health specialist for the Weather Channel’s nationally syndicated TV series, Your Life Redefined



Stephen Frank, DPM 

BS: Pre-Med, Penn State 1992
DPM: Penn College of Podiatric Medicine 1996
Surgical Residency Germantown Hospital 1996-1998
ABPS Surgical Board Certification 2004
The Foot and Ankle Center, St. Louis, MO 1998-2007
Feet for Life, Chesterfield Valley, MO 2007-2008
Private Practice, St. Louis, 2008 – Present Specializing in sports medicine/injuries, corrective surgery of deformities, diabetic foot/wound care, pediatric foot ailments and revisional surgery.

New Delivery Format & Features!

The just-released 3rd Edition of the ANT Program offers user-friendly viewing options

One of the many changes made in this latest edition of the Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program is the ease of access to the module material. Co-Founder Janet McCormick says, “We have been working on a solutionnew-features-on-ant-modules that would give some flexibility to our students and instructors for months! Some prefer to click “Play” and sit back and take notes, while others wish to have the ability to stop and advance at will. This new delivery software handles both methods–a huge win for all!”

“Part of the equation is being able to deliver the slides in a user-friendly way while protect them from pirating. Our web designer, Claudio Barbieri of Page1Ranking in Fort Myers, FL is a genius!” shares Co-Founder, Karen Hodges.  “We now have the ability to offer students a choice and the ability to move freely among the slides–a huge boon in the class room,” she adds.

Another new and very helpful feature is the ability to instantly search the entire module for any word or phrase. This will help enormously when the students need to review a topic at a future date. Sometimes they’ll remember they saw some information they need in the salon, and now it’s so easy to find the exact reference.

Along with the crisp, clean new graphic design, the hundreds of graphic images and photos that have been incorporated and the revised and updated content, this program is better than ever. It’s a tremendous resource for nail techs.


Advanced Nail Technician Program Third Edition Announced

The Advanced Nail Technician Certification Program (ANT) biennial revision and update.
Below is a 4-minute excerpt from the ANT Program, Module 1, featuring our new presentation design:

“In this 3rd Edition of the ANT program, we have added new important information from agencies such as the CDC, OSHA and WHO to keep our programs up-to-date and relevant for our nail technicians,” states Janet McCormick, original author of this program and Co-Founder of Nailcare Academy. “We have committed to keeping our students informed when events such as the Zika outbreak and other health concerns hit the media. They need to know how it affects them in the salon.”

In addition to adding updated content, the entire program has been restyled. “We’ve changed the template design to something fresh and easy to read for portability to small hand-held devices,” shares Karen Hodges, Co-Founder and ‘Chief of all things technical,’ according to McCormick. “We’ve added hundreds of photos and graphic images, and and embedded several small mini-videos to demonstrate specific techniques,” she states.  There have been several changes in the program:

  • The program has been re-voiced to make each module more consistent in sound clarity and volume
  • New learning tools such as matching games and fill-in-the-blank quizzes have been added to the modules
  • Some of the forms and other collateral materials have been revised or improved
  • We are introducing our Advisory Board Members Steven Frank, DPM, and Anna Marie Chwastiak, DPM – both highly sought after podiatrists who have given us valuable feed back in refining the modules
  • For the first time the viewer will be able choose how to view the program: they can let the slide show advance by itself, or click through slide-by-slide, by which will make review and study easier. “This is quite a breakthrough for us, because in the past it has been a challenge to securely offer the slide show across all playback platforms. Our webmaster is a genius!” enthuses Hodges.

In celebration of this new rollout, Nailcare Academy is offering a Special Promotional Price – 50% off the ANT Bundle!

The ANT Bundle currently sells for $297 and includes both the Advanced Nail Technician Certification (ANT) and the Safe Salon Concepts Certification (SSC), regularly $57. That’s a total value of $354 for only $177! The price will never be lower…so grab it now!

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What is an ANT?


To Clients Seeking Safe, Healthful Salon Services – We have a solution for you!20160330_103716

The Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification is a credential your nail technician has earned through extraordinary efforts to know more so s/he can give more care to you…the client who can’t afford to risk an infection in a salon.

This nail technician is a licensed professional who has completed 10 modules of comprehensive training far beyond the minimum requirement of your state’s cosmetology board. S/he has learned a higher standard of practice than taught in any school where the ANT course is not offered. S/he knows more about these topics:

  • Anatomy of the feet and ankles
  • Discussion and definition of “at-risk clients”
  • Pedicures and precautions for at-risk clients
  • Home care education for clients
  • How to create referral relationship with medical providers
  • Diseases and disorders seen by the nail tech
  • Understanding Sanitation, Disinfection and Sterilization
  • CDC requirements for safe protocols
  • OSHA requirements and implementation in the salon
  • How to create a  Safe Salon® and introduce it into the community
  • And more

This nail technician does more in daily practice to safeguard clients than non-certified technicians will ever know. Typical foot care treatments with an ANT include these extra considerations:

  • Client questionnaires are utilized which gather information about your unique health conditions
  • Every service begins with an assessment of your hands and/or feet to determine the appropriate level of care
  • The technician is trained to recognize “not normal” and make a professional recommendation–whether to continue with a modified service or refer you to a podiatrist or other physician
  • Aseptic techniques are used throughout the salon in this Safe Salon
  • Modern “skin care based” hand and foot care treatments (rather than the old soak until you’re a prune) will give the skin of your hands and feet much better and longer lasting results — while being safer with less chance of waterborne infections
  • Disposable, single-use items are used and then thrown away in your sight
  • Quality stainless steel implements are disinfected in high-level disinfection techniques (Tuberculocidal) OR sterilized in an autoclave pouch which is opened in front of you
  • Personal Protection Equipment is used – gloves, masks, eye wear and aprons or smocks which guard against injury and transfer of infection
  • Professional recommendations are made for your home care in order to help you maintain the results of your services
  • If any out-of-normal conditions are observed during your services, s/he will talk to you about seeing the appropriate medical provider. This nail tech stays strictly within Scope of Practice and will not be talked into performing medical treatments during a manicure or pedicure.

    ANT Logo Master

    Look for this logo – proudly displayed by graduates of Nailcare Academy

If you are seeking safe, careful care of your hands and feet, you are in good hands with a Certified Advanced Nail Technician. The ANT’s training is far above and beyond what can practically be taught in a standard curriculum. The required dedication and hard work required to achieve the ANT status is an indication of a technician who cares more and of his or her dedication to excellence.

Another Nailcare Academy Success Story

Advanced Nail Technician Letisha Royster seeks to bring safety back into the salon.

As a licensed and highly trained nail technician, Letisha Royster of Atlanta, Georgia, is on a mission to provide safe hand and foot care for all her clients—and especially for those who have health concerns. One of a growing number of nail professionals who has achieved the prestigious Advanced Nail Technician Certification (ANT), Royster is focusing her practice on providing safe, aseptic care for the hands and feet of her clients. “I was introduced to the Advanced Nail Technician certification program while attending the Nail Technology Program at International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy (ISSNMT). I was thrilled to find this program because it perfectly fits my passion for taking care of my clients.”

ISSNMT is the exclusive school-based provider of the ANT Certification in the Atlanta Metroplex. ISSNMT owner Pamela Jones states, “We are excited aboutIMG_7413 sending our students out into the workforce with a higher level of knowledge and training. Also, we are bringing a new approach for safe, healthful nail services to our community.”

This is a much needed service for all American communities: according to the CDC diabetes has doubled, then doubled again since the turn of the millennium. “An estimated 12.6% of adults over 20 have diabetes (2011-2014.)” This number is expected to continue to grow unless major lifestyle changes are embraced by Americans. Why is this important to know when talking about nail salons? Because the potential for injury for a diabetic is catastrophic.

Diabetics often have neuropathy (failure of the nervous system-i.e. loss of sensation) as a symptom of their diabetes. This prevents them from feeling when they’ve been nicked by an implement, or abraded with a file or buffer. These small skin breaks or wounds would be insignificant for most people, but those with chronic illnesses do not heal as readily as those without. Persons with Diabetes, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Lupus and other chronic conditions simply cannot afford to risk infection.

Royster understands these risks very well and has set up
“waterless” or “soakless” manicure and pedicure services to reduce cross-contamination during hand and foot care. “I had a diabetic client who had a waterless pedicure for the first time. She didn’t know what to expect; however, she was very surprised and told me it was the best experience she’d ever had. She loved that she was relaxed, well pampered, and felt safe during her pedicure treatment.”

The Advanced Nail Technician program was written by Nailcare Academy Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges, who between them have over 50-years of experience in salons. McCormick shares, “My background in dentistry before I moved into the beauty industry in 1980 gave me a very different view of safety and sanitation in salons. I was appalled by the lack of aseptic techniques in all phases of salon services, so I have devoted this career to education and safety training.”

Nailcare Academy offers other certification programs. Royster has also completed her Safe Salon Concepts Certification and is enrolled in the Medical Nail Tech Certification Program. To achieve certification as a Medical Nail Tech, Royster will complete another 10 modules of training, pass a comprehensive examination and perform a 40-hour proctored internship under the direct supervision of a foot care physician or podiatrist. She will be among the most highly qualified nail care providers in Atlanta salons.

Clients who require nail services at this higher level will be able to find Royster at Waterless Medi-Pedi & Nail Spa by emailing her at [email protected] or by calling her at (404) 981-4841.

For more information about ISSNMT, Atlanta, visit or call 404-843-1005.

To find out more about the Advanced Nail Technician (ANT) Certification, contact us:  here

Nailcare Academy Invited to Join INTA Task Force

International Nail Technicians Association® (INTA) Task Force Continues Work on Game-Changing Certification Program

Nailcare Academy Co-Founders, Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges have been asked to join other industry movers and shakers who are working toward a comprehensive certification program that will offer a level learning foundation for nail technicians.

Currently, nail technicians are one of several salon disciplines subject to widely-varying regulations among the states. “Since starting in the industry in the early ‘80s,” notes McCormick, “it has been a goal of mine to raise the various state standards for knowledge and licensure—especially in the area of infection control. My background in dentistry gave me an understanding of how important aseptic techniques are in providing personal services.” McCormick’s trademarked Safe Salon Certification Programs, stemming back to her published works in the 90’s, mesh perfectly with INTA’s imperative.

The INTA Task Force is meeting at various venues—usually in conjunction with tradeshows throughout the U.S.  Paul Dykstra, CEO of America’s Beauty Show and Chicago Cosmetologists, has long been an advocate for the industry. Now heading up the INTA Task Force, his attention is laser-locked on bringing a long-held goal for INTA to fruition. In today’s mobile society, there should be high level industry standards for nail services across state lines, and ultimately across borders.

In widespread industry representation, members of the Task Force are manufacturers, educators, salon owners, consultants and heads of associations:  Jan Arnold, CND; Lorrene Conino, Salon Lorrene and treasurer of Cosmetologists Chicago; Amber Edwards of Mario Tricoci Salons and Day Spas; Athena Elliott, NailTalk Radio; Dasha Minina, Maxus Nails; Sigourney Nunez, NAILS Magazine; Doug Schoon, Schoon Scientific; Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage and CIDESCO; Bob Spalding, Medinail; Nail Care Consultant Tricia Trackman; Jessica Vartoughia of Jessica Cosmetics and Katharin von Gavel of Footlogix; McCormick and Hodges of Nailcare Academy.

“It’s been long-time dream of mine,” adds Hodges, “for nail technicians to get organized and create a self-policing organization with the clout to bring about change in the states that have little or inadequate safety standards in place.”  As an educator of safety precepts throughout her career as a nail technician and esthetician, she has deplored the lack of basic knowledge and training in sanitation, disinfection and sterilization in salons. “We need to create standards of professionalism,” she continued, “that are inclusive of all scenarios in a salon—whether liquid immersion disinfection is the system used or a dry heat or steam autoclave—they should be understood completely and practiced perfectly.” She feels INTA’s mission of unification is perfect for rejuvenating a professional nail industry that has become tarnished by media sensationalism. “We want more stories about clients finding the help they need with their nail care in clean, safe salons,” Hodges concluded.

For more information about Nailcare Academy’s Safe Salon Certification Program, visit or email questions to [email protected]

The International Nail Technicians Association® (INTA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmetologists Chicago® (CC).  CC, owner and producer of America’s Beauty Show®, is an association of more than 14,000 salon professionals.  INTA and CC members include licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians, salon owners and cosmetology students.   INTA offers members continuing education, free admission to America’s Beauty Show, legislative representation, technology, networking opportunities, and soon, a certification program.

For more information about INTA, visit 

Steven Frank, DPM, Joins Advisory Board at Nailcare Academy

pic_dr_frank“We are so very pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Frank has joined us at Nailcare Academy to ensure top-notch training for our students,” states Co-Founder Janet McCormick. “We’ve been talking with Dr. Frank for several months and really appreciate his expertise and experience.” Dr. Frank reviews our information to ensure accuracy, as well as contributes new and interesting materials to the modules.

Dr. Frank is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery. His impressive training includes a BS: Pre-Med, Penn State, 1992,  a DPM: Penn College of Podiatric Medicine, 1996, and Surgical Residency at Germantown Hospital, 1996-1998.

In his own practice in St. Louis, MO, Dr. Frank uses cutting edge technology in the care of his patients.  His specialties include: sports medicine/injuries, corrective surgery of deformities of the foot and ankle, diabetic foot/wound care, pediatric foot ailments and revisional surgery and consultation.

Nailcare Academy is excited to be working with a Podiatrist with such a prestigious background. We welcome Dr. Frank’s input which allows us to provide the best possible programs for our students.

Nailcare Academy Teams with Salon Gurus

Co-Founders Janet McCormick and Karen Hodges are excited to share their class agendas for the upcoming Premiere Orlando Beauty Show. McCormick states, “We are so thrilled with our class offerings and our team of educators! We’re offering four different topics, and for the first time, we are offering a course for Instructors.”

Salon Gurus is offering Premiere 2016 Event
two classes this year, “Lash Artist Boot Camp” taught by Hodges. “This is an excellent fundamentals class for those who have only had rudimentary or no training, she shares.”

“Nail Tech Burnout: The Fix” taught by McCormick, will offer some excellent “turn your career around” advice and ideas.

Hodges notes, “We are excited to have Denise Baich and Stephanie Allen joining us with classes offered by Nailcare Academy.” Baich is going to be talking about her experience setting up the nation’s first “Foot Spa” and how working with physicians changed her career path.

Allen, an instructor at the prestigious International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy, will be speaking on how she found new inspiration as an Instructor — both for herself and her students.

All classes are free of charge – we look forward to seeing you there!

Tina Porter Named as SSC Instructor

Congratulations to Tina Porter of Riverside, CA, who has become one of Nailcare Academy’s new Certified Safe Salon Instructors.

“We are so thrilled to have an educator of Tina’s caliber join our ranks,” shares Janet McCormick, co-founder of Nailcare Academy. “We have been seeking out excellence and Tina embodies the passion and drive necessary for success in our industry.”

Porter has more than 34 years behind the table and six years as an educator for her local beauty schools. In her years as a nail technology instructor, she embraced a philosophy of “safety and sanitation first.” Her background lead naturally to this emphasis as she is also a Certified Medical Assistant and an Emergency Medical Technician. These roles have prepared her for her next career in the salon: she is also a recent graduate of NA’s Footcare Nail Technology.  This advanced training program provides a broader understanding of the health and condition of the feet and nails for those with chronic illnesses.

Porter is taking her new training on the road — she will be performing on-site routine foot care and cosmetic pedicures for diabetics and others who have chronic health conditions. Her training and background are ideal to support safe, healthful foot care for clients who truly need her services. An example would be someone who is home-bound or in an assisted living facility. Her promise of aseptic practices will assure clients they will be well taken care of.

Not only will she be providing this high-level care for clients in her community, she is an educator and trainer who knows how to pass along her knowledge.  As a Certified Safe Salon Instructor, she will be teaching nail technicians how to work with clients for whom “ordinary” pedicures are not possible.

For example, clients with Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD may not receive massage during foot care appointments. Diabetics may be at risk for a foot soak, due to neuropathy, and the danger of waterborne pathogens with their inability to heal normally. The elderly require specific training for their foot care, as the skin is friable and easily damaged, bruising is a real issue with the common use of blood thinning agents, their joints may be susceptible to injury by someone pulling on them, and so forth.

This niche of foot care clients is growing – approximately 1/4th of the US population has been identified as baby-boomers and many have passed retirement age, with more soon to be doing so. In 2000, the CDC estimated that approximately 12.1 million diagnosed cases of diabetes existed in the U.S. In 2014, that number had nearly doubled at 22 million.(1)  More persons needing foot care provided by trained and aware nail technicians is a growing need, and Tina Porter is ready to step up for her community.

For information about receiving safe foot care in your location, contact Tina Porter, FNT, at (951) 282-0740.

For nail technicians wanting “more” for their clients and their careers, email Tina at [email protected]

To follow Tina on social media, watch for the tag #nailtechtrainer.