California Beauty College ANT Certification Program

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Private course developed exclusively for cosmetology school students. This classroom-administered advanced training for nail technicians will set you far apart from typical recent graduates who enter the industry. You will learn skills and techniques that will help you rapidly fill your book with appointments with clients who will be loyal and never leave you. You will have the knowledge and skills you need to implement obvious aseptic techniques and provide safe, careful services for all your clients.

Topics will include a review of the feet and ankles, diseases and disorders seen by nail techs, OSHA requirements, discussion and definition of “at-risk clients”, pedicures for at-risk clients, home care recommendations for your clients, how to create referral relationships with physicians and set yourself apart from ordinary nail salons.

The course also includes materials that you can download and customize and you will learn how to market a Safe Salon to create success. In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Always be certain of your purchases.