Advanced Nail Technician Program (ANT®)


Advanced Nail Technician – ANT – 5th ed. – revised 2021.

This course provides relevant information for the nail tech in working safely with all clients – especially those who have special health concerns.

Includes BONUS CERTIFICATION as a Safe Salon or Spa Professional!

This course is 10 modules of directed learning and a comprehensive final quiz.

In accordance with international intellectual property policies, once purchased, there are no refunds possible. Please be certain of your purchase.


Advanced Nail Technician (ANT®) – 5th Ed. – revised 2021.

ANT Certification Program is for the salon-based nail technician seeking a more successful and challenging career. The course is ten modules of information you’ll need to safely work with clients who have special health needs, such as those with diabetes or chronic health conditions.

Those with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses, cannot risk pedicures with less than excellent infection control. This course teaches you how to help them.

You will learn to implement obvious aseptic techniques which will immediately identify to your clients that you are far beyond the typical “nail shop.” Upon receiving your certification you will have the knowledge and tools you need to provide safe, careful services for all your clients.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy review of the nail plate
  • Diseases and disorders seen by the nail tech
  • Upgrading your infection control practices
  • Safe working practices for salon workers
  • Pedicures and precautions for at-risk clients
  • Product knowledge and using CBD in the salon
  • Safe Salon® Concepts
  • Client education and creating referral relationships with physicians
  • How to market a Safe Salon® and create success
  • How to set yourself apart from ordinary and so much more

It provides a pathway to a higher level of success by  setting you apart from the ordinary nail salons found everywhere with obvious differences and supportive marketing and networking techniques.

BONUS CERTIFICATION INCLUDED:  This Edition includes the Safe Salon® Concepts Certification, an additional marketing advantage to help you grow your business. To obtain this additional Certificate, see Module 7.

The ANT Certification is prerequisite to taking either the Footcare Nail Technician (FNT) or the Medical Nail Tech (MNT) courses.

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Advanced Nail Technician Program
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Apryl Moore on Advanced Nail Technician Program

With the current Pandemic happening I feel the marketing of this course in my business will get people to thinking and be a game changer for my business.

Apryl, we are so glad to have you join us at Nailcare Academy!

by Jill Casadona on Advanced Nail Technician Program

I learned so much through these courses! A lot of nail techs are uniformed about disinfecting/sterilizing properly! That was one of the points I so enjoyed learning about in these modules. All this information is so important to know in this industry. Thank you NailCare Academy!

You are most welcome, Jill! We are so happy you enjoyed your advanced training.

by Dominique Coleman on Advanced Nail Technician Program

I received this course through the Footnanny Rescue program.  All nail techs should take this course. Very helpful information.

Dominique, it's our pleasure to know our Footnanny Sholarship is appreciated! We wish you great success.

by Rochelle on Advanced Nail Technician Program

I found this program after not being able to complete a different one. I would like to say this education is something I feel should be taught from day 1 in school.

Rochelle, we are so happy you transferred in to Nailcare Academy. The reason we wrote these programs is because the various states only require minimum standards - we want our students to work at much higher levels of learning, Very best wished in your career!

by Wendi Brown on Advanced Nail Technician Program

This was so much knowledge for me, an taught me steps to make my job easier.

We are so pleased you're benefitting from your training, Wendi!

by Deborah Sandlin on Advanced Nail Technician Program

It is a very involved course. Lots of new information. I have already been using some practices with my diabetic and chronic illness clients on non-soaking pedicures. It was hard to change their wants, because they all want to put their feet in water. But after educating my clients, they are thrilled to still come in and get a pedicure.

Deborah, you are doing things exactly right! Standing by your training will ultimately make those clients so happy with you.

by Catherine Benns on Advanced Nail Technician Program

A lot of information to take in. Well presented and very informative.

Catherine, it was so nice to meet you at Foot Forward. Glad you could join us at NA!

by Ramona Skaggs on Advanced Nail Technician Program

I did the ANT online. It's a great course! So much information and help always available to you. Janet has a wealth of knowledge and is eager to share so YOU can be successful.

Then the class is being hosted at Centre for Beauty and CJ Murray. She hosts great classes to help the nail technician with pedicures. She too has so much knowledge to share. She carries amazing products to help your pedicure clients.

Thank you, Ramona, for your kind words. We are so pleased you enjoyed your experience with Nailcare Academy...and we are looking forward to this workshop very much!

by Sondra Dyson on Advanced Nail Technician Program

As an instructor this will benefit my students in deciding their future career as Cosmetologist and/or Nail Techs. It will prepare them for their state license with a better understanding of the industry and advancement of their license.

We are so glad your students have you, Sondra!

by Julie Birkland on Advanced Nail Technician Program

I loved the course and feel way more confident performing services on chronically ill clients!

We are so glad you are confident in your knowledge. We're sure you will make good decisions for your clients!

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