Nail Technicians Working with Physicians


Being able to recognize medical conditions your clients may present is a valuable skill for a nail technician. Referring them to nail-tech-friendly physicians is a must and this course will help you seek those physicians that can help your clients and help you in mutually beneficial relationships. Or perhaps you are wanting to work in a medical setting and need the guidance provided by this course for a successful transition. This course takes you through the various scenarios available to the safety trained nail technician for a new career path.

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This course takes you through the steps of approaching a medical practice and creating various working relationships. As a safety-trained nail technician, one of your best assets is the ability to observe and recognize conditions that need to be referred to a physician. This program will take you through the consideration you will make as you reach out in your community to establish contacts in the medical field.

Or perhaps you are ready for a shift in your career? You might want to work in a medical practice helping people with cosmetic foot care, whether as an employee or an independent contractor. This program takes you through the necessary steps to give you the best possible success as you introduce an innovative and new-to-physicians cosmetic service in their medical practices. All the steps from approaching the medical practice, to interviewing, negotiating your compensation and what to expect when you show up for work are discussed. Checklists and timelines for both you and the physician’s or podiatrist’s office will keep you on track to successfully launching and building a much-needed service model.

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Nail Technicians Working with Physicians
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