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Nailcare Academy
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by Kashara on Nailcare Academy

I have already begun the process of talking to clients about my plans to purchase an autoclave. Just saving up to make the investment. I also talk to my clients about the best ways to keep their feet looking and feeling good even when they are not able to make it to my salon.

I am just grateful to be able to be a nail technician, who is able to maintain excellence and integrity in how I interact and how I care for my clients. They appreciate it and I am working towards being the best at what I do and keeping everyone safe as well. Thank you Nailcare Academy.

It's so gratifying when our techs really embrace the core values of our training programs!

by Christine Dodge on Nailcare Academy

Great programs. I love that I could work at my own pace.

So glad you were able to complete the training when you needed it!

by Alejandra Martinez on Nailcare Academy

Very thorough PowerPoint. Janet is a great educator and will now seek her books to enhance my career.

Thank you, Alejandra - watch for our posts when the next book will be published!

by Christina Evans on Nailcare Academy

I am so happy that there is visual as well as verbal instruction.

Christina, thank you for sharing that! We try to write all our programs with good learning principles that reach all types of learners.

by Faith M. Taylor on Nailcare Academy

I'd just like to say how wonder it was to have Janet and Karen be so responsive to me when I called for anything. The course taught me so much and has given me so many different business ideas. I've been telling my clients all about the program and they are so excited. Also I've been able to detect problems in my clients and are better able to refer them to a physician.

Faith, we are so proud of you and all you have achieved! Great success in your new way of working!

by Andrea L. Gaines on Nailcare Academy

I’m very grateful to Ms. McCormick for her determination in continuing to provide education for our industry!
It’s very important to me and my fellow Manicurist to have this level of knowledge in order to provide the best services for our dear clients.

Andrea, we are so proud of your efforts. We need more techs just like you!

by Rita Olds on Nailcare Academy

I was impressed. It was intensely different from the first time I took the ANT and the MNT years ago. Definitely worth the cost. This information was timely and thorough.

Rita, we completely revised and rewrote both the ANT and the MNT programs from Janet's first version at the old vendor. They were good...but you are right: they are intensely different, now!

by Keri Lecroy on Nailcare Academy

I am so grateful for all the knowledge I've acquired from Nailcare Academy as well as the hands-on personal attention. It's priceless! Thank You! A special thanks to Janet and Karen 🙂 always there to help!

Keri, we're so proud of your accomplishments!

by Thorunn A Fawcett-Taylor on Nailcare Academy

Karen and Janet put all that they have into Nailcare Academy to make sure we are kept updated on all the latest information in the Nail industry. They are very helpful and alway quick to respond to any comments or questions. They are truly there when you need them. Thank you both for all that you do for us and the industry. It is a wealth of information to help us grow and keep informed.

Thorunn, thank you so much for your glowing praise! We DO work hard to keep our programs up-to-date and relevant to working's so gratifying to know it matters.

by Malinda S. Hunter on Nailcare Academy

I enjoyed taking in all the information and having the modules at my exposure when i needed to review or just look something up. I do believe I'm going to be able to refer to them often and i greatly appreciate that.

Malinda, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We wish you the very best in your career!

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