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Nailcare Academy
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by Thorunn A Fawcett-Taylor on Nailcare Academy

Karen and Janet put all that they have into Nailcare Academy to make sure we are kept updated on all the latest information in the Nail industry. They are very helpful and alway quick to respond to any comments or questions. They are truly there when you need them. Thank you both for all that you do for us and the industry. It is a wealth of information to help us grow and keep informed.

Thorunn, thank you so much for your glowing praise! We DO work hard to keep our programs up-to-date and relevant to working's so gratifying to know it matters.

by Malinda S. Hunter on Nailcare Academy

I enjoyed taking in all the information and having the modules at my exposure when i needed to review or just look something up. I do believe I'm going to be able to refer to them often and i greatly appreciate that.

Malinda, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We wish you the very best in your career!

by Jennifer Cotton Student Instructor at ISSN GA on Nailcare Academy

I have now been a Nail Tech for almost 30yrs. and with the industry changing so fast and more nail salons than ever, I had to figure out a way to re-invent myself. In 2014-2015 I decided to take the ANT/MNT online course. It was and has been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made. I wanted to put myself above of being called "just a nail technician". Taking these courses I have gained knowledge and skills that have opened many doors for me. This program is definitely designed for the nail tech that wants to step up their game and be above the rest. Learning all the medical terms and knowing the different skin disorders and not to mention learning more about diabetic foot care as well as all the marketing materials you are able to use once you have completed the program for your Safe Salon. When I heard Ms. Janet was coming to teach the ANT class at our school I was so astounded that I was going to finally meet one of my mentors. Not only did I LOVE having Ms. Janet come teach the class the students also loved it and all the information they acquired from the program. Ms. Janet showed and shared with the students many new and different things in the industry and they were all eagerly excited to learn. As for myself it was such a pleasure meeting Ms. Janet not to mention her sense of humor we all loved. We can't thank her enough for fitting us in her schedule.


Thank you, Jennifer, for your kind words. It was my pleasure to meet you in person, as well as the students. I enjoyed my time in your classroom very much!

-J. McCormick

by Jesie Sicklesteel on Nailcare Academy

The nail industry is in so much need of this course. Thank you Janet & Karen for all your hard work. Learning on a deeper level what the ANT program teaches is exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait to get started in my FNT. I was working at a unsafe salon and knew I wanted out. Getting my ANT opened the door to my dream job working under another ANT -- even more important, working in a SAFE environment. Because I achieved my ANT, I was hired. When I went in for the interview, my boss said, "because you went beyond your schooling and have completed your ANT, and other courses, we wanted to swoop you up before someone else did." That felt amazing. If you are looking into this program, look no further. Nail Care Academy should be your last stop. Janet is always avail for any question you might have. They keep up on the latest changes in the podiatry industry making sure we have the best most up to date information avail. Look no more. You have found your home.

Jesie, thank you so very much for taking the time to share your feelings about your experience at Nailcare Academy. We are proud of the programs we put together and it's incredibly gratifying when our students embrace the concepts! Best wishes in your new career!

by Rachel Stewart on Nailcare Academy

I so appreciate our profession and we now have the knowledge and skills we, as Nail Techs, should have always known. Janet thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge, as well as giving us the ability to shine and have confidence to be able to truly understand the contraindications and care for our precious clients. As a veteran nail tech of 37 years the last 2 years as a MNT and CCPMA have been the best. I so look forward to sharing and passing this on. Thank you! Rachel Stewart

Rachel, thank you for taking the time to share your joy with us! You are an inspiration to us all! Janet & Karen

by Christina Riforgiate on Nailcare Academy

Taking the ANT and MNT has given me the tools I needed for success !! I have been working for the Foot and Ankle Centers for over 4 years and have reached full time . I am so thankful for this program and what it has done for me and my family. A big THANK YOU to Janet for all your support and for always being there when I needed you !

Thank you for your kind words, Christina...we wish you great success in your foot care career.

by Rita J. Olds on Nailcare Academy

Just want to let you know I've been working at Providence Foot & Ankle in Atlanta since last October. I'm clipping toenails and reducing the thickness [performing routine foot care], meeting awesome people and loving it. It's SOOO needed.

Thanks for taking an interest in me.

When I interviewed here, the doc wanted someone who would LOVE the work. The bulk of her patients are elderly. [I work in the office] and we go to nursing homes every week. Having learned about diabetics, disinfection, and debridement has been invaluable. I help people and I feel so necessary!

-- Rita J. Olds, Atlanta, GA

We are so proud of you, Rita! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and love for your work--you're so needed!

by Gloria Haley on Nailcare Academy

Taking the ANT and MNT has given me the tools to use in my salon everyday. There is so much information I have learned from taking them. I had the best teachers, Karen and Janet. Thank you so much.

Gloria, we are so happy for you! And proud of all you've accomplished, too! Janet & Karen

by Sally Brower on Nailcare Academy

As the owner of a day spa, we take what we offer our guests seriously. Nail Academy's programs supports our quest to offer safe practices; to give the guests an alternative to nail salons that provide incompetence, indifference and serious health risks. Our nail techs feel more confident, educated and capable in providing the best service possible. Our spa has never been cleaner or more professional. Thank you Janet and Karen!

Sally it has been an honor to implement the Safe Salon Concepts throughout your beautiful facility! Best wishes to you and your entire staff!

by Lisa Franzen on Nailcare Academy

I have been working toward a goal, my slogan, "Bridging the gap between the Medical Community and the Cosmetic Industry" for a few years. I knew that completing the Advanced Nail Technician Program and the Safe Salon Concept Program would provide me with necessary tools. The pleasant surprise is the fabulous support that comes along with it! Thank you Janet and Karen!

Lisa, we do try to help our students get the maximum value out of our training programs. It's lovely when it's noted! Very best wishes, to you!

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